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Our Projects

IPhone/IPad/IPod Applications
At Affordable Mobile Application Development, we can develop your next IPhone/IPad/IPod Mobile Application from your requirements to the final stages of submitting to the Apple's App Store. These applications can connect to Back End servers using SSL or regular TCP/UDP sockets.

BlackBerry Applications
We at Affordable Mobile Application Development can develop your next BlackBerry application using standard BlackBerry Technologies and Sun's J2ME/JME (Java Mobile Edition) Technologies.

Google's Android Applications

We at Affordable Mobile Application Development can develop any Google's Android Mobile Application. We will develop your application and submit it to the Android Marketplace.

Android is an open source mobile operating system that runs on Linux kernel, it allows developers to write programs in Java language. Android Applications developed with the help of Java language provides added features & functionalities to users as compared to applications that are developed with the help of other languages.

Android is a very flexible and versatile mobile operating system, the Android SDK includes a comprehensive set of development tools such as debugger, libraries, a handset emulator and so on. Android developers can make the best use of above higher-end development tools to develop cutting-edge customized Android Applications for clients.

Google Android SDK includes APIs, debugging tools, handset emulator and sample code to create effective, risk-free Android-powered devices. Experienced & skilfull programmers can make the best use of Android SDK for developing cutting-edge Android Applications. At Affordable Mobile Application Development we have a team of experienced Android developers who are capable of making the best use of above Android SDKs.

Windows Mobile Application
We can develop your next Mobile Application on Microsoft's Windows Mobile/Phone Platform.

J2ME/JME Java Mobile Application Development
J2ME/JME Java Mobile Applications are platform independant. These applications can run on wide range of Mobile Device platforms. These applications can run on BlackBerry, Nokio or Motorola devices.


John Cena

We were surprised how affordable it was to develop our mobile application with Affordable Mobile Application Development.

Barbara Smith

Affordable Mobile Application Development listened to all our ideas and requirements and gave us an initial proposal to review before the project started.

Lucie Matt

No International out-sourcing; Staying up late or early morning calls to teams on the other side of the planet.