Your Idea and Requirements:

We listen to your Idea and gather all functional requirements about your application.

To Market Allow us to develop your Mobile Application

Starting with Functional Requirements we build your application and deliver it on time and under budget.

Your Idea to Market

Make your Idea come true.

Project Plan and Proposal

We take your idea that might be a simple application to a complex enterpise application that talks to backend platforms; we help you identify and define the product requirements for your Mobile Application.

With these requirements in hand we next develop a project plan. Project plan helps us to develop a proposal for the development of your mobile application.

Functional Requirement and Functional Specification

With your marketing team we can develop your Mobile Application requirements and develop a Functional Specification that will describle all the features of your application.

Architecture and Design Specification

Next, we design and generate the Architecture and Design Specifications for your application. This enables us and to you to maintain the application after and during the development.

Software Quality Assurance(SQA) Test Plan

Next, we develop the Test Plan for your application. This process is done parallel to the development. When the development is done then SQA team will be ready to test your application.

Your mobile application Documentation

At the same time SQA Test Plan is developed we also start developing the Documentation such as User Guide and Installation Guide for your application.

Programming your Mobile Application

In this phase we develop your application according to the Functoinal Requirements, Functional Specification and Design Specifications; write and run Unit Test. Do System Integration Test

Testing and Support

Next, we enter the testing and support phases of the project.

As you can see, we can manage all these phases of developing your application and continue to support the application through Alpha and Beta testing.



John Cena

We were surprised how affordable it was to develop our mobile application with Affordable Mobile Application Development.

Barbara Smith

Affordable Mobile Application Development listened to all our ideas and requirements and gave us an initial proposal to review before the project started.

Lucie Matt

No International out-sourcing; Staying up late or early morning calls to teams on the other side of the planet.